Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers.wsdl

Class Summary
WSDLBasedProcessor A processor based on an operation defined within a WSDL file accessible to the class at construction time.
WSDLBasedProcessorFactory Implementation of ProcessorFactory that creates WSDLBasedProcessor nodes
WSDLBasedScavenger A Scavenger that knows how to inspect a given wsdl document for all available port types and operations within them.
WSDLInvocationTask The task required to invoke an arbitrary web service.
WSDLProcessorInfoBean Provides information about the WSDL Processor plugin, using, identified by the tag 'abitrarywsdl'
WSDLScavengerHelper Helper for handling WSDL scavengers.
WSDLXMLHandler Handles XML store and load for the Soaplab processor