Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers.soaplab

Class Summary
PollingPropertiesEditor Edits the polling properties for the soaplab processor
Soap Convenience methods for simpler calling of SOAP services using the Axis client.
SoaplabDescriberPanel Shows the soaplab metadata, initially in plain XML form but we'll add a stylesheet transform for it later.
SoaplabProcessor A processor based on the Soaplab web service around the EMBOSS tools.
SoaplabProcessorFactory Implementation of ProcessorFactory that creates SoaplabProcessor nodes
SoaplabProcessorInfoBean Provides information about the Soaploab Processor plugin, using and identified by the tag soapwsdl
SoaplabScavenger A Scavenger that knows how to get all the Soaplab services from a specified installation
SoaplabScavengerAgent An agent to query Soaplab server to determine the available categories and services.
SoaplabScavengerHelper Helper for handling Soaplab scavengers.
SoaplabXMLHandler Handles XML store and load for the soaplab processor

Exception Summary