Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers.rserv

Class Summary
RservConfigPanel A JPanel that can configure the Rserv processor type.
RservEditor An editor for the rserv processor, allows the script to be defined and input and output ports added or removed.
RservInputPort InputPort specialization for Rserv processor.
RservProcessor A processor that uses the Rserv scripting engine to allow R (the free version of S) to be invoked on workflow data.
RservProcessorFactory Implementation of ProcessorFactory that creates Rserv nodes
RservProcessorInfoBean Provides information about the RServ Processor plugin, using, identified by the tag 'rserv'
RservScavenger A scavenger that knows how to create Rserv processors
RservTask A task to invoke a RProcessor.
RservXMLHandler Handle XML store and load for the Rserv processor