Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflworkers

Interface Summary
HTMLSummarisableProcessor An inteface that when implemented indicates that this Processor is capable of generating a html summary based upon all like processors in the model.
ProcessorEditor Classes implementing this perform in place editing of a particular processor instance.
ProcessorInfoBean SPI entry point for processor components.
ProcessorTaskWorker An implementation of this class provides the concrete invocation functionality matching the possibly more abstract definition from the Processor subclass.
ScavengerHelper Classes implementing this interface perform the role of creating an actionlistener that creates the appropriate scavenger structures when activated.
ScuflContextMenuAware An Interface then when implemented by a Processor indicates that ports related to this processor may possibly have scufl context menu items to be appended to the menu when right clicking on that port in the Advanced Model Explorer
XMLHandler Specifies the two methods that individual worker handlers must implement to allow store / load of processor objects to / from XML syntax.

Class Summary
ProcessorFactory Implementing classes are capable of creating a new processor and attaching it to a model when supplied with the new processor name and a reference to the model.
ProcessorHelper Provides rendering and other hints for different processor implementations, including preferred colours and icons.
ProcessorInfoBeanHelper Generic helper class to aid in retreiving processor information from
ProcessorRegistry Factory class that handles the discovery of Processor components using the ProcessorInfoBean SPI
ScavengerHelperRegistry Factory class for discovering ScavengerHelpers using the SPI mechanism