Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui.workbench

Interface Summary
FileDrop.Listener Implement this inner interface to listen for when files are dropped.
ScavengerTree A tree showing available processors from some set of external libraries or searches.

Class Summary
DefaultScavengerTree A JTree subclass showing available processors from some set of external libraries or searches.
FileDrop This class makes it easy to drag and drop files from the operating system to a Java program.
FileScavenger A scavenger which traverses the filesystem from the specified point looking for workflow definitions and creating corresponding workflow scavengers if it finds any
NestedFileChooser Standard JFileChooser with a checkbox to state if you want to save a nested workflow in full or just as a URL link
NestedWorkflowSwitcher Given a ScuflModel it retrieves all the ScuflWorkflowProcessors ie.
Scavenger A subclass of DefaultMutableTreeNode that should be subclassed to create particular scavengers for different types of processor
ScavengerHelperThreadPool A thread pool that handles a collection of Scavenger threads (for URLBasedScavengers) The pool ensures that there is a maximum number of concurrent threads, and maintains a waiting list for those threads that cannot yet be started.
ScavengerTreePopupHandler A class to handle popup menus on nodes on the ScavengerTree tree
ScavengerTreeRenderer A cell renderer that paints the appropriate icons depending on the component of the model being displayed.
Workbench Top level Zaria based UI for Taverna
WorkbenchZBasePane The default ZBasePane used within the taverna Workbench

Exception Summary
ScavengerCreationException Signifies that a scavenger failed during instantiation, most commonly because of network unavailability.