Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui.shared

Interface Summary
ModelMap.ModelChangeListener Register with the static class to inform workbench like systems that the underlying map of named model objects has been altered in some way.
UIUtils.FrameCreator Implement this interface and set the DEFAULT_FRAME_CREATOR field to change the behaviour of the windowing system used by the Taverna Workbench

Class Summary
BytesSelection Transferable bytes used for clipboard.
CArrowImage A BufferedImage of one of four types of arrow (up, down, left or right) drawn to the size specified on the constructor.
CTransferableTreePath This represents a TreePath (a node in a JTree) that can be transferred between a drag source and a drop target.
ExtensionFileFilter A FileFilter implementation that can be configured to show only specific file suffixes.
GraphColours This abstract class sets up and provides name-to-color and color-to-name mappings and some associated class methods.
ModelMap Map of the models present in the workbench associated with their names, together with the ability to manipulate this.
NodeColouringRenderer A cell renderer that has a highlight field which will colour nodes in red if they match the regular expression supplied.
ScuflModelExplorerRenderer A cell renderer that paints the appropriate icons depending on the component of the model being displayed.
ScuflModelSet A collection of open workflow models.
ShadedLabel A JLabel like component with a shaded background
StreamCopier Copies an InputStream to an OutputStream
StreamDevourer Devours an input stream and allows the contents to be read as a String once the stream has completed.
UIUtils Contains utility methods to deal with opening windows and suchlike in a way that makes no assumptions about the existance of a JDesktop pane.
WorkflowChanges Detect changes to open workflows since last save to disk.
XMLTree An extension of the javax.swing.JTree class, constructed with a String of XML and used to display the XML structure as an interactive tree.

Exception Summary
NoContextMenuFoundException Thrown by the ScuflContextMenuFactory if it can't locate an appropriate popup menu for the supplied object.