Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui

Provides Java Swing components that show or allow manipulation of subsets of the ScuflModel state.


Class Summary
AdvancedModelExplorer An amalgam of the ScuflModelExplorerTreeTable and the IterationStrategyControl panels linked such that selection of a Processor node in the model explorer leads to context sensitive options appearing in a properties tab.
BlankScavengerTreePanel A trivial subclass of the scavenger panel which starts off blank
DotTextArea A swing component that provides a textual dot representation corresponding to a given ScuflModel instance
EnactorEventMonitor Prints events from the enactor as they occur, to be used for debugging.
EnactorInvocation Panel for displayed progress and ultimately the results when enacting a workflow.
EnactorStatusTableModel A Swing table model implementation that can be constructed from a ScuflModel instance and updated by the XML coming back from the status reports from the enactor.
IterationStrategyEditorControl A control panel for the iteration tree editor allowing the user to manipulate the tree, removing and adding nodes into the tree based on the context.
ResultItemPanel A JPanel to represent a single result DataThing to the user at the end of the workflow
ScavengerTreePanel Wraps a ScavengerTree to provide a toolbar including a search by regular expression within the tree option.
ScuflDiagramPanel Wraps a ScuflDiagram up in a JScrollPane and provides a toolbar to alter port display, type display and allow save to disk of the current diagram view in dot, svg or png formats.
ScuflModelTreeTableContrib This class Last edited by $Author: mereden $
ScuflSemanticMarkupEditor A JPanel that allows editing of the semantic markup object passed into its constructor.
ScuflSVGDiagram An SVG based version of the ScuflDiagram
TavernaIcons A container for the various icons used by the Taverna ui components
TemplateEditor An editor for the AnnotationTemplate objects associated with a given Processor instance
WorkflowInputMapBuilder Panel to construct the input for a workflow.
WorkflowInputPanel Provide input for running a workflow.
WorkflowInstanceContainer Holds a set of named workflow instances pushed into it from the implementation of the UIUtils model listener.
XScuflTextArea A swing component that provides a textual view of the xscufl corresponding to a given ScuflModel instance
XScuflTree A swing component which provides an XML tree view of the ScuflModel instance it is bound to

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Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui Description

Provides Java Swing components that show or allow manipulation of subsets of the ScuflModel state. Classes in this package and any subpackages perform the view and controller roles of the MVC architecture used by Scufl.