Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui.facets

Provides a Service Provider Interface (SPI) for decomposing objects into data facets.


Interface Summary
FTableColumnModelListener Listener interace for things interested in table models changing.

Class Summary
FacetFinderRegistry A registry that maintains a list of all facet finder service providers.
FacetsTable A tabular display of data using FacetFinders to decompose the information into columns.
FTableColumn A Java Bean that represents the data associated with a single column in a FacetsTable.
FTableColumnModel The table model for a FacetsTable.
FTableColumnModelEvent Event informing you of the data associated with a change in a table's columns.
PropertySheet A component that represents the style sheet for a Java Bean.
PropertySheet.Editor A property editor that delegates all editing work to a style sheet.
RegexScanner Extract matches to a regular expression.
RegexScanner.Scanner A column that describes how to turn regular expression matches into facets.

Package org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui.facets Description

Provides a Service Provider Interface (SPI) for decomposing objects into data facets.


Data will be flowing arround taverna as opaque blobs. These may be annotated with meta-data, such as their mime types. Often these data blobs can be considered to have some properties. For example, the text of an embl entry has properties like the ID, or organism. In a GUI or during some analysis, it may be usefull to work with these facets, rather than with the object itself. This package provides an SPI for decomposing objects into facets in a highly configurable way.

The SPI API is defined totaly by one class and one interface. org.embl.ebi.escience.scuflui.facets.FacetFinderSPI defines the interface that must be implemented by a provider. FacetFinderRegistry is a registry for all known facet finders. There are additional classes, such as RegexScanner which are implementations of this SPI, and these provide generic support for facetising commonly encountered data items, such as strings.