Class ScuflModelEventPrinter

  extended by org.embl.ebi.escience.scufl.ScuflModelEventPrinter
All Implemented Interfaces:, ScuflModelEventListener

public class ScuflModelEventPrinter
extends java.lang.Object
implements ScuflModelEventListener,

Trivially implements the ScuflModelEventListener by printing a textual representation of incoming events to a given PrintStream

Tom Oinn
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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
ScuflModelEventPrinter( the_writer)
          The listener will print events out onto the supplied PrintWriter.
Method Summary
 void receiveModelEvent(ScuflModelEvent event)
          Implements ScuflModelEventListener
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Constructor Detail


public ScuflModelEventPrinter( the_writer)
The listener will print events out onto the supplied PrintWriter. If null, this defaults to the stdout.

Method Detail


public void receiveModelEvent(ScuflModelEvent event)
Implements ScuflModelEventListener

Specified by:
receiveModelEvent in interface ScuflModelEventListener