Interface Summary
StreamProcessor This interface defines the basic method needed by all stream processors.
StreamTransmitter This interface describes the methods needed by a Stream Transmitter.

Class Summary
AbstractStreamProcessor This class provides a useful extension point for Stream Processors.
AbstractStreamTransmitter This class provides the base class for all Stream-based transmitters.
FileNameUtil This class contains utilities used with managing files.
FileStreamProcessor This class is used to process file streams.
GetStreamProcessor This class Last edited by $Author: sowen70 $
GetStreamTransmitter This class uses an HTTP GET to send data to a URL endpoint, and returns the result Last edited by $Author: sowen70 $
PostStreamProcessor This class reads the text from a socket and places it in the outputmap.
PostStreamTransmitter This class uses an HTTP POST method to transmit data to a URL, and to return the results in a map.
ReplaceTextFileProcessor This class ReplaceTextFileProcessor Last edited by $Author: sowen70 $

Exception Summary