Package net.sf.taverna.zaria

Interface Summary
ZTreeNode Tree structure over a nested set of Zaria components, yes, this is almost an exact duplicate of TreeNode but as ZPane is a subclass of JComponent we can't have a getParent method (JComponent already contains this) so, annoyingly, we have to invent a duplicate interface avoiding the name collisions.

Class Summary
ZBasePane A base ZPane implementation, this is always the root of the ZTreeNode heirarchy (or should be for sane uses).
ZBlankComponent The blank component used when there isn't anything else, contains actions to create the other components (which will therefore be created empty by default).
ZIcons Simple ImageIcon cache for Zaria
ZPane Abstract superclass of all Zaria node components, extends JComponent and adds basic tree traversal functionality.
ZSplitPane ZPane manifesting a split panel design where each sub-panel is itself a ZPane
ZTabbedPane ZPane implementation which holds its children within a tabbed pane container.