Package net.sf.taverna.t2.partition

Interface Summary
PartitionAlgorithm<ValueType> Interface for classes which can partition a set of objects into subsets according to some embedded partitioning rule
PartitionAlgorithmSetSPI An SPI interface that provides access to a Set of partition algorithms.
PropertyExtractorRegistry Convenience to allow caching of property extractors.
PropertyExtractorSPI SPI for classes which can extract or infer a set of named properties from a target object.
Query<ItemType> Defines a query which can be re-run and which presents a set view on its results.
SetModel<ItemType> Extension of the java Set interface with the addition of change listener support.
SetModelChangeListener<ItemType> Handler for change events on a SetModel instance

Class Summary
HashSetModel<ItemType> Implementation of SetModel based on a HashSet
Partition<ItemType extends Comparable,PartitionValueType,ChildPartitionValueType> A partition represents a set of items which can be exclusively classified into one or more distinct subsets along with the algorithm to perform this subset operation.
PartitionTestApplication Exercise the partition algorithm codes
RootPartition<ItemType extends Comparable> Subclass of Partition acting as the public access point for the partition structure.