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    Success Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools API core (standalone)20 sec
    Success Taverna Maven parent6.1 sec
    Success Taverna Maven parent0.63 sec
    Success WSDL generic client15 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Activities0.57 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Activities0.3 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Core0.5 sec
    Success Taverna 2 infrastructure0.6 sec
    Success Taverna 2 language extensions0.4 sec
    Success Taverna provenance client API8.3 sec
    Success Taverna 2 security0.48 sec
    Not built Taverna Javadocs5 ms
    Success Taverna workbench application0.3 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Activities0.36 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Activities UI0.52 sec
    Success Taverna 2 UI APIs0.46 sec
    Success Taverna 2 UI components0.42 sec
    Success Taverna 2 UI extensions0.38 sec
    Success Taverna 2 UI implementations0.47 sec
    Success Utilities for creating tests for Activities4.1 sec
    Success Taverna 2 All official activities (meta artifact)2.6 sec
    Success Taverna 2 API Consumer Activity4.8 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Beanshell Activity10 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Biomart Activity.6.9 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Biomoby Activity13 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Dataflow Activity5.7 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Activity with Dependencies2.5 sec
    Success Taverna 2 ExternalTool Activity10 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Localworker Activity2.4 sec
    Success REST Activity - Core8.6 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Rshell Activity8.4 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Soaplab Activity8.4 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Spreadsheet Import Activity18 sec
    Success Taverna 2 StringConstant Activity6.2 sec
    Success usecase-activity5.1 sec
    Success Taverna 2 WSDL Activity20 sec
    Success XPath Activity - Core3.6 sec
    Success Taverna 2 workbench virtual build tree0.51 sec
    Success Virtual build tree for the compatibility modules0.55 sec
    Success Virtual build tree for the engine modules0.47 sec
    Not built Virtual build tree for the products modules20 ms
    Success Virtual build tree for the ui modules0.37 sec
    Success Virtual build tree for the utils modules0.51 sec
    Success Compatibility API6.2 sec
    Success Compatibility Implementation10 sec
    Success Derby Provenance21 sec
    Success mySQL provenance6.2 sec
    Success Database storage and analysis of provenance info12 sec
    Success API package for the T2 reference manager3.6 sec
    Success Implementation of core extension points3.7 sec
    Success Implementation package for the T2 reference manager30 sec
    Success T2reference dummy implementations for testing2.7 sec
    Success Workflow Model API9.3 sec
    Success Workflow Model implementation24 sec
    Success Raven application configuration5.3 sec
    Success Hello world example7 sec
    Success Hello world launcher example1 sec
    Success Raven launcher7.3 sec
    Success Raven launcher API2.2 sec
    Success Raven plugin manager API14 sec
    Success Raven Pre-Launcher4.6 sec
    Success Raven5.7 sec
    Success Raven log4j support3.1 sec
    Success SPI Discovery API4.4 sec
    Success BeanInfo extensions2.2 sec
    Success IO utility classes2.4 sec
    Success Observer pattern3.4 sec
    Success Partition4 sec
    Success Common Results handling utilities3.9 sec
    Success User interface (Swing) utility classes4.2 sec
    Success UI builder based on beans4.4 sec
    Success Credential manager11 sec
    Success Taverna Commandline0.37 sec
    Success Taverna Commandline Common10 sec
    Success Taverna workbench plugins0.44 sec
    Success Taverna workbench common runtime1.5 sec
    Success Taverna workbench development distribution4.7 sec
    Success Taverna workbench distribution18 sec
    Success Taverna activities plugin2.2 sec
    Success Taverna workbench components2.1 sec
    Success Taverna external tool plugin1.3 sec
    Success Provenance Connectors Plugin2.7 sec
    Success Taverna workbench service catalogue1.6 sec
    Success Taverna activity translators plugin1.9 sec
    Success Taverna 2 All official translators (meta)3.4 sec
    Success Taverna 2 API Consumer Activity Translator7.1 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Beanshell Activity Translator8.2 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Biomart Activity Translator9.1 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Biomoby Activity Translator8.8 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Dataflow Activity Translator6.4 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Localworker Translator22 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Rshell Activity Translator2.8 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Soaplab Activity Translator8.6 sec
    Success Taverna 2 StringConstant Activity Translator9 sec
    Success Translator test utillities3.1 sec
    Success Taverna 2 WSDL Activity Translator8.1 sec
    Success Taverna 2 All official Activity UIs (meta artifact)2.7 sec
    Success Taverna 2 API Consumer Activity UI8.2 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Beanshell Activity UI9.8 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Biomart Activity UI8.9 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Biomoby Activity UI20 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Dataflow Activity UI19 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Disabled Activity UI4.3 sec
    Success Taverna 2 ExternalTool Activity UI9.2 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Localworker Activity UI11 sec
    Success REST Activity - UI bindings9.7 sec
    Success Taverna 2 RShell Activity UI.6.5 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Soaplab Activity UI.11 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Spreadsheet Import Activity UI9.3 sec
    Success Taverna 2 StringConstant Activity UI11 sec
    Success Taverna 2 Unrecognized Activity UI3.6 sec
    Success Taverna 2 WSDL Activity UI14 sec
    Success XPath Activity - UI bindings11 sec
    Success Activity icon manager API4.9 sec
    Success Activity Palette API3.3 sec
    Success Common icons5.2 sec
    Success Configuration Management API7.3 sec
    Success Contextual Views API3.8 sec
    Success Edits API3.3 sec
    Success File opening API2.8 sec
    Success Help System4.7 sec
    Success Menu generation API2.8 sec
    Success Perspective Core3.2 sec
    Success Renderers API4.9 sec
    Success Reporting API5.2 sec
    Success Workbench API4.6 sec
    Success Activity Palette UI Component8.4 sec
    Success Contextual views4.1 sec
    Success Credential Manager UI9.6 sec
    Success Data management configuration UI components3.6 sec
    Success Design UI6.6 sec
    Success Graph Model23 sec
    Success Graph View13 sec
    Success Menu generation API9.2 sec
    Success Monitor View9.8 sec
    Success Design perspective3.3 sec
    Success Results Perspective2.9 sec
    Success T2 reference manager user interface12 sec
    Success Reporting view6.5 sec
    Success Results and outputs from a workflow run10 sec
    Success Results UI10 sec
    Success Workflow Explorer4 sec
    Success Workflow View3.8 sec
    Success Setting constant values for input ports5.8 sec
    Success File bindings for the Taverna 1 translator7.6 sec
    Success Loop layer contextual view11 sec
    Success Additional menu items8.8 sec
    Success Parallelize layer contextual view6.5 sec
    Success BioCatalogue Perspective58 sec
    Success myExperiment perspective15 sec
    Success Renderers extensions9.1 sec
    Success Report explainer5.9 sec
    Success Retry layer contextual view5.7 sec
    Success Activity Palette Impl9 sec
    Success Activity tools4.9 sec
    Success Configuration Management Implementations7.9 sec
    Success Contextual Views Implementation5.7 sec
    Success Data management configuration5.2 sec
    Success Edits implementation7.9 sec
    Success File opening implementation15 sec
    Success Help System (legacy dependency)1.1 sec
    Success HTTP Proxy configuration6 sec
    Success Menu generation implementation3.1 sec
    Success Raven plugin manager GUI4.8 sec
    Success Renderers Implementation8.1 sec
    Success Update manager3.2 sec
    Success Workbench UI implementation10 sec
    Success Zaria12 sec
    Success MartService12 sec
    Success hexeditor4.3 sec
    Success Mime Detection Utility15 sec